D says…

Hi everyone! If you’re checking my blog for the 1st time then welcome to my digital space! I will mainly walk you through all the latest business hypes and share my own thoughts. Trust me, you won’t find any long instructions or boring corporate articles. Instead, I want my blog to be a fun place to share thoughts and ideas, and to truly interact with each other. I aim to make business look fun, not rigid!

Why the Blog?

People who know me may wonder why I started this blog. They know that I tend to be a reserved kind of person, and that I’m not a huge fan of social media. My friends gave me the nickname “Martine of the nightlife”, because I tend to party a lot but work too hard at the same time, thus ending up in bed earlier than them! Party pooper with a well-developed nerd side, that’s me! So I said to myself: why not combine both my serious and fun sides? And came up with “D Does Business”…. a mix of business and pleasure, D’s way ☺

D’s experience in the business world in a glimpse…

I’ve always been bold when it comes to my career. I started living and working abroad, then shifted to Lebanon and worked in a bank, then in a private company. These experiences allowed me to interact with a lot of people from different backgrounds, and become more aware about business cycles, employees’ daily problems, and money issues that most households face. These are real problems and topics I will be addressing throughout the blog. Some topics will be more technical than others, depending on D’s mood!

D’s academic achievements…

For those wondering about my academic achievements, I hold several degrees: HEC Executive Masters’ in Finance, Warwick Masters’ in Finance and AUB Bachelor in Economics. Hopefully a PHD one day 🙂

Why follow me?

Millennials need more guidance with their money, savings, and investments. They also need to have access to the latest news, easy and fast. I can walk you through my current challenges in handling the family business and provide useful advice and tips on how to live a better and more successful life. I will share parts of my daily routine in order to inspire people, and show how motivation comes from within! I want people to look at the business world differently through the eyes of D.

Bankers tend to complicate it to sell at a premium ☺ D is here to help you guys avoid this trap! Knowledge is power, my friends!