7 ways the Biological Century Will Shape Healthcare

If you think about it, we live in very exciting times: new developments in technology emerge every day! Biotech is one of the fastest-growing players, & it’s definitely changing things up in the healthcare industry! From the new types of treatments & drugs to the world’s first trillionaire, read on to find out the 7 ways the “biological century” is shaping healthcare.

There’s a biotech wave coming, and the change to our lives will be major. It’s even being called the “biological century”! Healthcare will be profoundly reshaped, and here are 7 ways how:

1- Aging will slow down, and possibly even stop! Researchers recently made breakthroughs in our ageing process by rejuvenating old human cells! Research continues to one day apply this technology to stop ageing and treat several diseases.

2- Our therapies will be reshaped. Red biotechnology is the use of biotechnology in the medical / pharmaceutical industries & health preservation. It’s changing everything from vaccines and antibiotics to regenerative therapies, creation of artificial organs, new diagnostics of diseases as well as the development of hormones, stem cells & antibodies.

3- Gene manipulation will change our relationship to disease. Today, gene manipulation is in its infancy, but dozens of diseases that once were a death sentence are becoming treatable. Soon, less invasive techniques will emerge and we will eliminate of many congenital birth disorders.

4- Medicine will be in the hands of smaller organizations. According to a recent paper that analysed 121 blockbuster drugs (which made > $1 billion sales/year) between 1980 and 2010, 87.6% were marketed by a major pharmaceutical firm. However, 65.9% or two-thirds  originated outside of big pharma. As capital becomes more available & talent more fluid, smaller organizations won’t need big pharma.

5- Revenues of pharmaceutical sector are expected to boom. Between 2017 & 2030, big players in the pharmaceutical field, like India or China, will see their numbers grow up to 232%! It is also been predicted that the world’s first trillionaire will be a biotech or healthcare entrepreneur.

6- Drugs will get smarter. In the year 2000, the cost of sequencing a human genome was $100 million. Today, the cost is $1,000, or a mere $99 if you only want a partial sequence. With therapy customization becoming more mainstream, our drugs will become more tailored to our needs.

7-Life sciences will become present in many/most industries. Biotech tools are evolving fast, not only impacting the healthcare industry but also others like construction or waste management.

Who else is excited to see what tomorrow’s medical world will look like?

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