What Are The Challenges For The New Lebanese Government? (When It Gets Formed…)

Few weeks ago, there was hope we could soon see light for a new government but again… It didn’t work out as we thought! Don’t we all wish that our dear politicians agree on a common solution & start with the necessary reforms asap?! I suggest you have a look at this video to get a short glimpse at the fiscal, structural, and sectorial reforms that the new government will have to implement in order for Lebanon to benefit from Cedre Financial aid. There’s a lot of work to be done & a lot of hope in the making, but everything is now pending on: WHEN will they finally agree on a proper government?? My reference for this video is Fransabank report: Cedre Reforms vs. Economic Imbalances… Check my stories & swipe up to be redirected to the full Fransabank report!

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