Women Vs. Men: Can You Guess Who Spends More?

I’ve often wondered: how do men & women handle money? Are there any differences in our spending habits? What about savings and investments?
I set sail surfing the web for answers, and what I found out was very interesting!
For starters, I found that women only earn 82.2% when compared to what men earn. On the bright side, this number is up, as it was only 62.3% back in 1979. Let’s keep that momentum going, ladies! When it comes to spending, men are also in the lead. Turns out, men spend more than women on just about everything. In one study, experts tracked how single men & women spent in 10 categories over the course of six months. Men were shown to spend more on groceries, dining out, phone, entertainment, travel, electronics, & gas, while women spent more on personal care, pets & clothing/shoes. However, that doesn’t mean men don’t spend money on fashion. In fact, Euromonitor International said men’s shoe sales grew 27% between 2011 and 2016,while women’s shoe sales grew 21%.
When it comes to savings, however, women were found to be more consistent, and to have a positive attitude on men‘s saving habits. In fact, a study showed that when women are not around, men tend to borrow 84% more money, and to save 42% less. Women do have an Achilles’s heal though, and that’s SALES! Apparently, 23.7% say they can’t resist a sale, while only 4.5% of men say the same. What do you think about how men & women deal with money?

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