Electric cars in Lebanon, sci-fi or reality?

Electric cars in Lebanon seems like sci-fi right now, but in fact, the wheels are already in motion! Lebanon is getting on the Green bandwagon, and petrol cars are seeing their final years. The Lebanon Climate Act states that by 2030, Lebanon must have removed vehicles over 15-years-old from the market. Lebanese engineers are up for the challenge too, and shared their goal of building and importing electric cars by 2025. The Lebanese government also scraped customs taxes on electric cars to 0%, and 20% on hybrids.

Hybrid and Electric cars already exist in the Lebanese market (Hyundai, Toyota), with prices starting at $20,000. MEDCO already started installing power charging stations, available in Downtown Beirut, and they are suitable for all car models and brands.

They can charge e-vehicles in 20 minutes!

The future of the automotive industry is summed up in the acronym “CASE”: Connected –  Vehicles that communicate with each other, Autonomous (self-driving), Sharing – multiple users and Electric  – powered by electricity. Engineers in Lebanon and across the world are now working to produce CASE private vehicles which make up 85% of auto industry.

So electric cars and hybrids are definitely coming to Lebanon in the near future! How soon do you think Petrol Cars will become a thing of the past?

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