A Closer Look At Finland’s Education System

What’s the best way to educate children? Education systems worldwide are rapidly evolving, and one country stands out in excellence: Finland! Read on to find out why!

First off, they have new & improved schedules. The Finnish only begin school at 7 years old, and their school-day begins no earlier than 9am! And shockingly, homework isn’t really a thing, as they only have about 30 mins a day of after-school work! Oh, they also don’t have tutors. Sounds like every kid’s dream!

Their school-day also looks quite different from what we’re used to. For example, they have frequent breaks during the school day where students get 15-20 mins of fresh air, stretching, running around… every 45 mins of class! And teachers too enjoy breaks and socialize in the many teachers’ rooms spread around school.

Speaking of teachers, only the best are allowed to teach! Finnish teachers must all have a masters’ degree, and if they do not perform well, they take it upon themselves to better themselves. It’s like a country policy. How amazing is that?

This all means that happy students all get the long-term attention of a focused teacher, who knows how their mind works and adapts the information to suit the student’s abilities. One student can have the same teacher for up to 6 years!

Now how do we know this is all working? Not with a test! There is no such thing as standardized testing. Instead of teachers focusing on getting better grades out of students, and students cramming just to pass these tests, the focus has been shifted to actual learning. Plus, students in Finland are never asked to compete. Instead, they are encouraged to help each other understand better, and they all have access to the same resources & individualized guidance for career options.

Hats off to Finland, they are truly leading the way in excellent education!



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