8 ways AI could transform our cities in 2030 | As predicted by a panel of experts

The future is today! Artificial Intelligence (commonly referred to as AI) is booming and it’s already growing in research labs and graduating into our daily lives. A panel of experts tell us that by 2030, AI will have changed our lives in many ways. Read on to see how!
Daily life will never be the same. Self-driven vehicles will get not only people, but also delivery packages to their destinations, accident-free.  AI drones detecting suspicious behavior and predicting crime will make life much safer for everyone. Healthcare will become more easily accessible, and the technology will help doctors care for us quicker and more efficiently. Speaking of health, AI will help Mother Nature too, by predicting natural phenomenons and aiding in growing healthy crops. AI will also turn boring classrooms into immersive learning experiences, and the fun will follow with interactive games set in virtual worlds! But don’t worry, AI won’t be taking any jobs away from hard-working people, instead, it will help make their tasks more manageable!
Ready for the future? Good, because here it comes!

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