7 Interesting Facts About The World! Season 1 Episode 2

Did you know that there are 180 currencies in the world today? The oldest currency still used is the British Pound Sterling. In fact, Queen Elizabeth is on currencies from 35 countries, including Canada, South Africa, Nigeria, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Cyprus, and the UK.

However, only 8% of all the “money” around the world is actual physical cash. The rest is digital money that exists only on computers! Which is a good thing, because bank notes are covered with bacteria and are quite dangerous! Digital currency is much safer for our collective and individual health. Bitcoin, the digital, peer-to-peer currency was supposedly invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. Supposedly that is, because no-one has ever been able to identify him. Interesting… could it have been be me? Joking aside, most experts agree that, in the future, countries will turn to cryptocurrency. What do you think the future of money is?


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