Did You Know? Lebanon Plans On Getting High!

Yes, Lebanon is looking at the option to legalize cannabis! The economy minister Raed Khoury said it could create a $1Bn industry and that the quality of Lebanese Cannabis is one of the best in the world. Nabih Berri appointed a committee to prepare a proposal for a law on the legal cultivation of cannabis. They will look at legalizing cannabis cultivation to export for medicinal purposes. Brital and the entire area will be transformed by the creation of a billion-dollar legal cannabis industry. With the country’s GDP currently estimated at $47bn and annual growth at 1.5%, according to the World Bank, a $4bn boost to the official figures would be hugely welcome.

Yet don’t claim victory fast as the plan may face some opposition from Hezbollah, the Shia political party and a militant group whose military strength rivals that of the Lebanese army, and for whom the Bekaa is a base of support and operations.

So…What will it be? The answer will come up in the coming months… Stay tuned with D for more updates on the matter.


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