Budgeting Tips for Festive Season Shopping

Budgeting for the festive season shopping!

It’s almost Christmas and time for this lovely season again! This is the time when all expats head back home, family ties get stronger and people start making their new year’s resolution! Last but not least, it is the season of giving and sharing.

Other than giving emotional support and affection, there’s also the financial aspect of giving. Yes, touché! Time to open your wallets, be generous with your loved ones and go shopping!

I am sure most of you skip Christmas budgeting! But think about it: You don’t want to end the year broke. D is here to help you with some tips:

First, determine how much you can afford to spend on Christmas: Make a list of all monthly expenses and I am not talking about Christmas gifts here. Instead start by listing all your December expenses: How many paychecks until the holidays? From gym membership, to mortgage, leisure expenses, special holiday meals, trips, etc… You’ll be able now to detect exactly how much of your monthly salary is left for Christmas budget.

Saved anything yet for the holidays?  You can add to the prior result a portion of your yearly savings and figure out how generous you can be with your Christmas budget!

Have a list: Write down on excel the names of the people to shop for (Dad, mom, sis, bro, BAE, friends, colleagues, secret santa, etc…)

Who’s been naughty and who’s been nice? Assign a budget for each person per priority!

When very tight on budget, think of a nice moral gift: I personally like to receive this type of gift especially from BAE because I feel he puts in personal effort regardless of the materialistic side of the gift! If you are reading this honey, you better get yourself on it 🙂

Where are you buying your gifts from?  Discounts are out there to benefit from. Check out online discount shopping, Khoury Home Christmas promotions or any other Christmas fairs where you may find the perfect gift for less, and add that little extra saving to your overall budget!

Put aside personal shopping for this month: It’s time to sacrifice to please your loved ones. I know you want to look great on NYE so think of using or exchanging one of your Christmas gifts as I am almost 100% sure at least one of your gifts will involve some clothing items, or simply sell your old or unused accessories or cloths online @re-vogue!

Think of keeping some money for charity: If you are really short on cash then think of donating cloth or cooking something for the elderly or the kids… Every kind gesture would be much appreciated!

Remember you don’t want to start 2018 broke and stressed! STICK TO YOUR BUDGET…no matter what! It’s not about the gift; it’s all about the gesture…

See.  That wasn’t so hard.  And now you’ll have the money you need for the holidays.

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