Think a Woman’s Look at Work Doesn’t Matter? Think Again.

I am wearing a short dress in that picture which may look very unprofessional to many. For those who like it, you can find it at Mango’s latest collection, and YES, despite being a geek, I also love to shop like most girls do!

Many think that having light hair and a skinny body, wearing tight clothes and high heels can lead women to more successful positions, well it’s not a general rule my friends!

Some women, like Silicon Valley’s CEO, did the opposite, she put on glasses and dyed her hair darker, all to “be taken seriously” by her colleagues in the tech industry.

There’s a thin line between managing your appearance and looking dumb in the business world! Be careful girls, it’s a tough call… It is not easy to gain people’s respect when you look like you just came out of a fashion magazine wearing latest trends, you would directly be tagged as the “Dumb Blond”! Men consider that tough smart women should put on glasses, have dark hair, pimples growing through the face, wear “mocassin” and a long fluffy skirt that reaches below the ankle! Aghhh my nightmare!

Researches in general suggests that women who take more care of their appearance earn higher incomes; other studies instead show that attractive women are seen as less capable or less qualified for their positions.

Looks can play at your advantage to lure your counterpart since most people fall into the trap of underestimating a good looking opponent in particular in the Middle East. Some use it at their advantage to get the most out of their negotiations by using the “dumb blond tag” 🙂

Regardless of all the above, confidence makes the most effective first impression, as you can direct people’s attention away from your appearance and back to your accomplishments. But in order to get that confidence, you should have a good knowledge and master your topic at hand!

  1. Appearance without knowledge is never enough , knowledge without appearance might be enough to a certain point but both at the same time is the best way to get a deal

  2. I think appearence is very important as a first impression; it is the expression of one’s personality and style…it is part of every person’s identity…as a female doctor, I strongly believe this is what makes you stand out…people are starting to understand that a good-looking and welldressed woman isnt synonym for dumb!

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