10 Tips To Help You Choose A Lawyer In Lebanon

Why am posting this?

Because a few months ago, I found myself in a dilemma searching for a new lawyer! At first, I thought it was easy since there are many of them out there, but turns out it was one of the most difficult decisions to make! No matter how smart you think you are, the legal landscape can stop you from undergoing any of your projects. You should choose wisely and never think you can do it on your own!

Getting back to the essentials, here are the big points:

1. Don’t be impressed by big offices, shiny suits, Montblanc pens and a mountain of books on the shelves.

2. Do your proper research of the topic in hand before meeting him in order to ask the accurate questions and assess properly his knowledge of the subject.

3. Narrow your questions and don’t stick to generalities.

4. Let him draw your strategy and not only help you out, or else go find yourself a secretary, it would be much cheaper!

5. Know that law is not an exact science, so the lawyers who show extra confidence and say: “100% we can make it”, DITCH THEM! Do not work with this one…

6. Make sure he can stand in your way and argue with you. You don’t want a guy that listens to whatever you say! A lawyer is not your psychologist!

7. Trust him blindly as if he is your best friend. A legal advice is not only a business transaction. Trust should be placed before knowledge and know how. Remember that confidentiality is the key for every successful lawyer!

8. Avoid an achieved lawyer that has nothing to lose. He is too famous to put that extra effort on you. You need a young guy with ambition that is eager to achieve. He will try the impossible to make it and earn a reputation.

9. Take a written proposal. Do not get satisfied with an oral agreement: “treka beynetna, mnehkeh fiya ba3dein, walaw hay detail!”

10. Feel at ease with him to a point that you can contact him any time of the day. I am sure my lawyer is reading and relating to this point in particular.

  1. Hi Danielle,

    I like this …

    Very interesting and good points … to memorize



  2. It’s a good post Danielle especially with all the show off that’s going on in Beirut, it brings you back to the essentials. Hope you found what you were looking for.

    1. Glad you like it! There are a few good ones out there though… my current lawyer is the one who inspired me for this post 🙂

  3. Dear Grace, I do my own posts and if I use someone else’s thoughts I put a reference as in my previous articles which is not the case for this one. Regards

  4. Hi Danielle, I am a lawyer and I liked your article however I would have expected you use the word he or she , there are also good female lawyers in town!

    1. Dear Hala, you make a good point… but i was refering to lawyer as a profession itself, whether a woman or a man… I’m a woman too and I know exactly what you mean :)))

  5. Good lawyers are formed from hard reading and researching, and not from big name universities, on the field all matters is good knowledge and not brand names, and too bad there is a trend of female lawyers that looks like superstars in appearance, and client choose them cuz the can use their appeal with others gender, it’s quit common and I got a long list of names, however, thanks for this article, it’s valuable, and I hope you share me my opinion

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